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The Way Home marks The McClure’s first studio album recorded at the Layman Drug Company Studios in Nashville. Joyful and vibrant, this album tells the McClures’ story of finding their way home when the roadmap fails. Paul and Hannah have found that the secret to sustaining joy is to let go of the destination and embrace the adventure. Through The Way Home, the McClures hope to invite listeners into their breakthrough and impart hope to keep going when the road is long.

Bethel Music artists Paul and Hannah McClure have been writing music together since they were 16 years old, and are known for their songs “Jesus We Love You,” “Faithful To The End,” and “How Great A King,” featured on previous Bethel Music live worship albums.

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Verse 1
The reign of darkness now has ended
In the kingdom of light
In the kingdom of light
Forever under Your dominion
You’re the King of my life
You’re the King of my life

You reign above it all
You reign above it all
Over the universe
And over every heart
There is no higher name
Jesus You reign above it all

Verse 2
On the cross the work was finished
God You poured out Your life
Just to give us new life
Now from the lips of the forgiven
Hear an anthem arise
‘Cause Jesus You’re alive

Chorus 2
Let all of heaven and the earth erupt in song
Sing hallelujah to the Everlasting One
There is no higher name
Jesus You reign above it all
You reign above it all

You sent the darkness running
Out of an empty grave
Now seated alone in glory
Enthroned on the highest praise

Paul McClure / Hannah McClure / Jess Cates / Ethan Hulse

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